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Stealth Mark Expanding Anti-Counterfeiting Client Base

Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Gaining Momentum

Wellness Center (WCUI) $0.40, is a Chicago-based incubator for companies combining the best in class technologies, software, and devices with an emphasis on healthcare technology. The Company added Stealth Mark, an anti-counterfeiting company to its portfolio in 2014.

Stealth Mark gained considerable momentum in 2016, landing two high-profile partnering agreements in the motorsports industry (luxury goods & auto-parts), including protecting products from companies like American Indy Car/Formula One in association with RevBranding.

Stealth Mark’s technologies enable manufacturers to thwart the emergence of counterfeit and non‐compliant parts in the motorsports industry, as well as in dozens of other industries - including the medical industry using near invisible microparticle technology. In addition to protecting Companies from losing sales to counterfeiters, sub-par products can also endanger the lives the drivers (or patients), when cut-rate parts or pills fail. 

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