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Making Hay While the Sun Shines.


1. MoneyOnMobile (MOMT) $0.33. Trending Higher. (Internet/Fintech). Adding to Watch List (Blockchain).
2. Snap Interactive (STVI) $6.55. Looking Tired (Blockchain).
3. Global Cannabis (FUAPF) $0.73. We're Up 5X (Marijuana/Blockchain)
4. World's Inc (WDDD) $0.05. Adding to Watch List (Blockchain)
5. ThreeD Capital (BWSOF) $0.41. Adding to Watch List (Blockchain)
6. Chanticleer (BUGR) $3.60. Adding to Watch List (Blockchain)
7. Healthlynked (HLYK) $0.10. Adding to Watch List (Blockchain)  

This is so reminiscent of 1998 it's scary. Scary in the sense of profitably handling the sheer of the number of new ideas surfacing on a daily, if not hourly basis. 

On the flip side, you can make money making mistakes and/or buying 'dumb' ideas in a market like this - so not so scary. 

It's the old adage come to life, "make hay while the sun shines."

The major difference this time around is we're approaching 60 in age instead of approaching 40, and in NY instead of Beverly Hills (don't ask). 

And honestly, it takes a lot of stamina to handle the flood of good ideas coming in - like Christmas presents flying out of a fire hose. Not to mention happy hour and the two-martini lunch goes out the window in times like these. There will be plenty of time for that, if and when the sector run ends.

The other difference is we have two bull sectors running at the same time. Both the Blockchain (not Bitcoin in particular) and Marijuana. 

We love, enjoy and participate in most 'sector' bull markets which are easy to spot. Like today. This is why we have 12 industry sector Stock Reviews established and flip from sector to sector, quite literally as the wind blows.

Remember the Patent Stock Review, the Stem Cell Stock Review. the Solar Stock Review - all mothballed when the sector cooled. At the same time, the Beverage Stock Review, the Marijuana Stock Review, the Alternative Energy Stock Review and the upcoming Blockchain Stock Review - are all running strong.

What we have is a rising tide market, where being in the boat (nearly any boat) is the real reason you're making money over your (or our) 'genius' stock picking. Just float with that reality check and you should be fine.

The big picture key is getting to the party AFTER a couple rounds of drinks have been served (that's where we are today) and leaving the party after you see a couple folks topple over. 

Real brief - on how to handle the volatility and the potential end of a rising tide market is as follows, works every time (nearly):

1). If your last five stock purchases* went up, you're not a genius - you're in a bull market. Stay where you're at, the party is in full swing.

2). If your last five stock purchases went down, you're not an idiot, you didn't 'lose your touch' - you're in what might be the start of a long and grinding bear market. Put your drink down, go outside for a smoke break and just watch or even paper-trade. 

3). Another thing we'll mention is to buy up and never buy down. Any technical analyst will tell you things which are going up, tend to keep going up until they start to go down. And then vice-versa. 

Look at the Amazon chart we posted here. When Amazon went from $105 to $95, that was an early signal. 

No one thought it could go to $5 when it broke $95 (like if bitcoin broke $9,500). If you dare suggested the possibility - you were savagely attacked similar to being attacked by saying Bitcoin could break $10,000 today. Don't even. You won't win any brownie points, especially if you're right.

*Purchases mean something you actually bought or were thinking of buying.

We haven't published the Blockchain Stock Review website due to time constraints - but we won't let that stop us from creating a Blockchain Watch List - which we'll host on the Internet Stock Review and Marijuana Stock Review websites. 

We think of the Marijuana Stock Review as a 'things of interest' to Millenials Review. So in addition to reporting on the Marijuana sector we'll also cover adult beverages, sin stocks (they believe in sin/fun right) and ICO's.

One thing to note with the blockchain is that we are seeking to identify Companies which may benefit from the blockchain and seeking companies who stock may benefit from the announcement of examining the use of the blockchain - not just fill blown blockchain companies, such as miners.

The second thing to note is we are pouring over a database of companies which we think would benefit from the blockchain, before they announce a foray. The obvious candidates would be Fintech companies and data movers. 

In plainer English, we are playing a guessing game with some ideas. We'll call them 'Pre-Blockchain' ideas.

So off to the races.

1. MoneyOnMobile (MOMT) $0.33. Trending Higher (Internet/Fintech). Adding to Watch List (Blockchain).

Chart Looks Pretty. This is a Pre-Blockchain idea.

We're actually developing some history with this idea/client, having added it to the Internet Stock Review Watch List at $0.47 in mid-March and after proclaiming it our #1 Pick on 7/10 at $0.25 - which is something we of course rarely do.

Now we are adding MoneyOnMobile to the BlockChain Watch List - so it will be on two lists.

Here is our latest report.

2. Snap Interactive (STVI) $6.50. Looking Tired (Blockchain).

We are in the midst of trying to develop a technique (trial and error) to discover post-Blockchain announcement trading patterns.

That is to say, a Company has a rapid ascent after news, peaks, retraces X% before resuming it's climb. So we are watching to see what if any pattern can be learned from Snap Interactive. Of course news/guidance will affect the share price.

We added it to the Watch List at $2.25 on November 9th after catching an 8K filing of their adding a Blockchain expert to their board.

While it did trade as high as $8.25, there was never a mad spike up in volume, trading an average of 7,000 shares a day. So we wouldn't expect it to fall out of bed.

3. Global Cannabis (FUAPF) We're Up 5X (Marijuana/Blockchain).

Nice Chart. Who's better than us?

We found Global Cannabis when it was trading at $0.09 in late 2016 - before they added Marijuana to the mix, before they added the Blockchain to the list and before their first mention of Artificial Intelligence to the mix.

Of all the Blockchain related companies we follow, this has the most intrigue with regards to further clarifiction, of where they may be directing their efforts.

We have a full report coming out, but for now, they have a platform in Citizen Green which it plans to develop an online marketplace for cannabis users to interact with each other and find the best (medical) cannabis for their needs. 

The company proposes to make money by facilitating that relationship between user and dispensary and gathering anecdotal evidence for which it hopes will become valuable data for pharmaceutical companies and regulators.

This would be the worlds first end-to-end data aggregation and user delivery system for the medical cannabis industry. Advanced technologies capture, refine, and continually build a smarter and more trusted medical cannabis database.

They are also planning they're its own cryptocurrency reward token as part of the Citizen Green platform.

4. World's Inc (WDDD) $0.05, Adding to Watch List (Blockchain)

This is an old name from our Patent Stock Review days when they were working a lawsuit against Activision. The suit is still in the courts, but we're not really fixated on that.

Here are some bullet points:

Thom Kidrin is the CEO and he was a pioneer in virtual currency - like decades ago. And that is our play - superficial as it sounds.

Mr. Kidrin was founder and President of The College Television Network sold to MTV.  He was also Co-founder Motown Interactive, a 3rd party publisher for Nintendo and Sega, emphasizing the integration of music as a predominant gaming element: Rap Jam with NWA; Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Eazy-E and MC Ren.

He was also President and Co-founder of American Softworks Corporation.

Bernard Stolar is on the BOD. Mr. Stolar’s previous positions include Executive Vice President of Sony Computer Entertainment America; President, and Chief Operating Officer of Sega of America; and President of Mattel Interactive. Mr. Stolar assisted in the launch of the Sony Playstation and managed the Sega Saturn and Dreamcast platform launches.

These folks can be considered the Kings of Gamers and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand how gaming tokens in some shape or form, could show up in a press release at the drop of a coin.

And the financial side (as in will they close), they seem to have a dedicated group of supporters while they meander through court proceedings. Amongst debt holders ($750,000 was just rolled over) is Morris Smith (dig through SEC filings) former head of the Fidelity Magellan Fund.

Put those names together and imagine what Blockchain investors with the attention of a gnat would do, if the Company drops a Blockchain press release, to the share price. Just add a few Bitcoin Luminaries to the Board.

Pre-blockchain idea, part guessing, part imagination and all speculation on our part. But we shall see.

What are the odds of such a press release - in reality we have no idea - but we'd still guess high. With 250 million shares outstanding - the sky certainly is not the limit, but we could envision a run into the twenties or even thirties on a feeding frenzy ala Riot Blockchain style.

Note despite the criticism and mockery in the press (and short-sellers) for being a Biotech which pivoted to the Blockchain, they just raised $37 million meaning Companies can come with a Blockchain idea - AND laterget funded to move the idea mode into reality mode.

Idea Stage: (Riot Blockchain, Inc. is leveraging its expertise and a network of professional advisors to build and support blockchain technologies.  It is establishing an Advisory Board with technical experience intending to become a leading authority and supporter of blockchain, while providing investment exposure to the rapidly growing Bitcoin and blockchain ecosystems.) Well alrighty then. 

Imagine if you substituted the above description and substituted it with Restaurant Chain insted of Block Chain. It's a SPAC.

Kidrin is also creative as witnessed by last years merger of its spin-off Worlds Online (WORX) into Marimed (MRMD) a marijuana company, which is now sporting a $120 million market valuation!.

Pure genius. 

We are working on a report.

5. ThreeD Capital (BWSOF) $0.41. Adding to Watch List (Blockchain).

We found this when we came across a press release noting an investment in Global Cannabis (see above) in early November.

ThreeD Capital Inc. Acquires Securities of Global Cannabis Applications Corp.

We dug a wee bit and discovered the CEO is a multi-millionaire (maybe close to a billionaire) and former head of Pinetree Capital named Sheldon Iwentash.

Here's a mini-bio. He's a hitter, with the investment thesis being if anyone can monetize a Blockchain strategy, Sheldon can.

As Founder, Chairman and CEO, Mr. Inwentash is responsible for formulating a comprehensive strategic vision and setting the direction for ThreeD Capital.

Mr. Inwentash has more than 30 years of investing experience. He co-founded Visible Genetics, the first commercial pharmacogenomics company, in 1994 and exited in 2001 to Bayer. Through two decades leading Pinetree Capital, Mr. Inwentash created significant shareholder value through early investments in Queenston Mining (acquired by Osisko Mining Corp. for $550-million), Aurelian Resources (acquired by Kinross for $1.2-billion) and Gold Eagle Mines (acquired by Goldcorp for $1.5-billion) to name a few.

Sheldon obtained his B.Comm from the University of Toronto and is a Chartered Professional Accountant. In 2007, he was an Ontario finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year award. In 2012, Sheldon received an honorary degree, doctor of laws (LL.D) from the University of Toronto for his valuable leadership as an entrepreneur, his philanthropy, and inspirational commitment to making a difference in the lives of children, youth and their families.

The Return of Sheldon Iwentash.

6. Chanticleer (BUGR) $3.60 Adding to Watch List (Blockchain).

Remember what we said you can 'accident' yourself into a profitable trade. Chanticleer would be a good example of that.

The short story here is a good little company that  recently under attack by short-sellers and then an announcement that they would be using a loyalty program powered by the Blockchain, for frequent wing and burger eaters.

Press Release

And now a short squeeze is unfolding. Now you might be thinking to yourself, "There's go to be more to this story than that Roland." Actually no. We will add though, with an $11 million market cap, odds of something good happening outweigh something bad happening - in our opinion.

Here's a 'conclusion' from Mobile Guru on SeekingAlpha.

As has been mentioned several times the number of outstanding shares is only 3M. Currently with an $11M market cap this is a true micro cap stock. One main difference between Chanticleer and many other micro caps is that they have significant revenues and assets. Their growth is going to continue to accelerate with the number of Burger stores to double in the next several years. Throw in the novel crypto marketing connection and potential sale of non-core assets, and a market cap of $50-100M does not seem like such a stretch. As always with any micro cap there are risks and concerns and all relevant filings should be reviewed. That said, not very often have I seen a company that has such compelling risk versus reward dynamics.

Full Report. Chanticleer Holdings: A Highly Scalable Growth Model At A Dirt Chea...

7. Healthlynked (HLYK) $0.10 Adding to Watch List (Blockchain).

Healthlynked is already on the Internet Stock Review Watch List (client) and we're down big, feeling like we were bottom fishing, as the share price had fallen from $0.90 to $0.20.

Why a Blockchain play? In three words - Electronic Health Records

Again, a Pre-Blockchain idea as there has been no talk, press release or even mention of their intention to adopt Blockchain technology.

They recently announced the network, think of it as a LinkedIn of sorts connecting your health records with the medical community - is actually growing faster than anticipated.

In December they announced that had loaded 880,000 medical practitioners into the network and added 12,926 patient profiles in its Florida market.

We are working on an updated report detailing their progress. Here is a link to the initiation of coverage.

Adding HealthLynked (HLYK) $0.22 To Watch List.

Despite falling from $0.90 to $0.10 - we think the idea holds considerable upside potential even without the Blockchain, otherwise we wouldn't have signed them as a client. 

MoneyOnMobile, Global Cannabis and Healthlynked are all clients of the publisher of these reports. Please read disclaimer on each report published. 


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