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Blockchain Patent Filings Dominated By Financial Services Industry....

Like the big Tobacco Companies muscling into eCigs, you didn't actually think they would quietly standby, did you?

With the recent surge in cryptocurrencies, as well as companies in the blockchain ecosystem, Envision IP analyzed the US patent landscape of the industry. We reviewed patenting activity for all aspects of the blockchain industry – digital currency standards, digital currency exchanges, blockchain algorithms and infrastructure, blockchain front- and back-end applications, and blockchain-related enterprise technology.

We identified 1,045 US patents and published, pending applications specifically related to blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. Please note that our analysis does not include general cryptographic or encryption-related patents, such as for security and authorization, which do not involve a distributed ledger or decentralized concurrency methods.

Based on our analysis, the major patent holders in this space are Bank of America, IBM, Mastercard, FMR LLC, World Award Foundation, TD Bank, Coinbase, 402 Technologies, Accenture, and Dell. The list includes entities from the financial services, traditional technology, patent holding and consulting industries.

From the list of major holdings, 402 Technologies S.A., appears to be a patent holding company based in Luxembourg, and World Award Foundation / World Award Academy / AMobilePay, Inc. appears relatively obscure, and it is not clear what the company’s focus is. The various entities co-owning these patents are based in Tiburon, California and Austin, TX, and list an individual named Andy Zhou as their president.

The financial industry dominates the list of the top ten blockchain-related patent holders. For the purposes of this analysis, we grouped patents and published applications together.  Leading the list is Bank of America with 43 patents, MasterCard International with 27 patents, FMR LLC (Fidelity) with 14 patents, and TD Bank with 11 patents. Other major financial institutions with blockchain patents include Visa Inc. with 7 patents, American Express with 6 patents, and Nasdaq Inc. with 5 patents.

Interestingly, Nasdaq is not the only exchange which owns blockchain patents, and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange owns two patents in this space. However, these holdings are dwarfed by the leading digital currency exchange Coinbase, Inc., which owns 13 US patents.

Read it and weep full article here.

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