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Adding HealthLynked (HLYK) $0.25 to Watch List.

Institutional Analyst Inc, Friday 9/29/2017

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Biotech Stock Review.

1. Adding HealthLynked (HLYK) $0.25 to Watch List. 
2. Dicerna (DRNA) $5.43, up 60% Since Adding to Watch List. 
3. Dyadic (DYAI) $1.42 up 7%, Presents at VirtualConferences.
4. Immunomedics (IMMU) $13.92 up 366% Since Adding to Watch List. 
5. American CryoStem (CRYO) $1.00 Whoops Up 370%.
6. Disclaimer.

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1. Adding HealthLynked (HLYK) $0.25 to Watch List.

Think we have a runner here. A longer-term idea, we're looking 2 years out for maximum potential gains. Newly public (May 2017) the shares have drifted down as can happen to newly listed start-ups, though it appears to found a bottom here, in the mid-twenties.

This is really one of the more exciting start-ups we have seen and are adding it to both the Biotech (BSR) and Internet Stock Review (ISR) Watch Lists. Start-ups are being funded (stolen) by VC's these days, so it's nice to see an idea go public the old fashioned way, by filing an S-1.

We're adding it to the BSR in that the cloud-based service, the 'HealthLynked Network,' enables patients and their providers to record, archive and access patients’ medical information, book real-time and future appointments via the internet and better enable physician encounters via telemedicine.

We're adding it to the ISR in that this really is an Internet-powered network. 

First and foremost, it is a service which we immediately signed up for, soon after discovering it. So let's slow down for a second and repeat. We immediately signed up after we discovered it. 

Anytime you come across a network and you immediately join and there is an investment (private or public) opportunity - you must look further into it. It's the holy grail of network investing.

It's free to users and enables users to submit their health profile (encoded and encrypted of course), which can later be updated with Physician provided data to ensure it is both accurate and up to date.

While the technology powering the database is complex - the story is very, very simple. 

Imagine you're in a car accident in Colorado (we're assuming you don't live there) and you're pretty banged up. Imagine if the Doctor can go online and immediately access all your health records (including medications you may have an allergic reaction to) because you the patient are in control of the records.

What we're talking about is a PATIENT controlled network. Not your local healthcare provider, not your local hospital - but you. Your records and with your HIPAA compliant grant to access.

The network solves a natural need - to a 'why didn't we think of this' degree and feels a lot like we felt when we first came across, MySpace - a past client we were first to discover before it was acquired by NewsCorp for $580 million - LinkedIn, Facebook and Yelp - which we mean to say it offers an immediate "why not join" feel. 

There is literally, our feeling, no reason not to join HealthLynked - once you come across it. That alone creates a powerful air of investment potential for HealthLynked as a Company and/or any social network with a market cap under $100 million, in our opinion. 

It is our firm belief that no one, with any degree of accuracy, can predict the future popularity of a networked organization. We've seen some come and go (MySpace for example) and we've all seen some come and go and go and go - like which recently reached Unicorn status. Who would have thought of networking neighborhoods - of all things? 

Or who would have thought OpenTable, a network of restaurant reservation hosts (didn't every restaurant already have someone to do that) would someday be acquired for $2.6 billion when it first started? Would you have invested in Chuck Templeton when he launched the idea after noticing  "the difficulty his wife faced while trying to book a dinner reservation by phone."?

Like we said, no one knows.

So what's next? We would recommend you sign-up for the service here or here if you're a Doctor and then read up on the S-1 and other filings and start doing your homework.  

After hearing about it and reading that the founder also founded Naples based NeoGenomics (NEO) in 2003 with a $400,000 investment (the market cap is today near $1 billion), we decided to help them on their journey.

So we should have a detailed report of in the near future and be reporting on their progress. With regards to the age-old 'chicken-or-egg' quandary with every network, they have seeded the database with Physicians and just the other day announced they created over 880,000 HealthLynked Physicians/Provider base profiles for every physician in the U.S. Geomaped!

Their salesmen are out pounding on doors as we type. This is going to be interesting.

If you are an institutional sized investor, feel free to reach out to George O’Leary
their Chief Financial Officer at


2. Dicerna (DRNA) up 60% Since Adding to Watch List. 

We are now up 60% in Dicerna (DRNA) since adding it to the Watch List on July 10th @ $3.30. 

The story remains the same, which is "..when was the last time you had an opportunity to invest alongside Bain (7M shares), RA Capital (4.5M shares), Domain Partners (3.3 million shares) and Fidelity (2.7 million shares) for $3.00?"

Well, now $5.00 per share. 

We'll again point to CEO Doug Fambrough did a wonderful job explaining the basic on a video interview on Small Cap Nation.


3. Dyadic (DYAI) $1.42 up 7%, Presents at VirtualConferences.

We are only up 7% (also in July) in Dyadic (DYAI), but it remains the best risk/reward profile of any medical related company, we have ever followed. Period.

With $45 million in the til and a market cap near the same, we still rub our eyes in disbelief. What the?

Report definitely coming. 

Company invites individual and institutional investors as well as advisors to attend interactive real-time virtual

JUPITER, Fla. , Sept. 28, 2017 /CNW/ -- Dyadic International, Inc. ("Dyadic") (DYAI), a global biotechnology company focused on further improving and applying its proprietary C1 expression system to help speed up the development and production of biologic vaccines and drugs at flexible commercial scales, today announced that Mark Emalfarb , CEO of Dyadic, will present live at on October 5, 2017 .

DATE: Thursday, October 5 , 2017  
TIME: 2:30pm – 3:00pm EST  

This will be a live, interactive online event where investors are invited to ask the company questions in real-time - both in the presentation hall as well as the association's "virtual trade booth." If attendees are not able to join the event live on the day of the conference, an on-demand archive will be available for 90 days.

It is recommended that investors pre-register and run the online system check to save time and receive event updates.

Learn more about the event at


4. Immunomedics (IMMU) $13.92 up 366% Since Adding to Watch List. 

We wish it was always this easy. 

Definitely a different risk/reward profile than Dyadic (nothing approved yet kids) we're up better than three-fold in one year and a few days. 

The analyst we are talking to is hinting at a price (assuming approval) greatly in excess of $25. We'll pen a summary of what some of the smartest (and bullish) investors are thinking.

Short sellers are still at it, as they have been since $3.00.


5. American CryoStem (CRYO) $1.00 Whoops Up 370%.

It's pretty rare we drop coverage or suggest "..we would find it a reasonable tactic to sell 100% of American CryoStem (CRYO) for a flip with a 100% gain from $0.21 to $0.44" - and this is why.

It's really not our place to even hint at where investors should enter or exit the ideas we share. We just here to highlight things we find interesting. Well, you can't kiss all the pretty girls. 

We'll try not to do that again. As hard as it can be sometimes.


Institutional Analyst Inc (IA), Disclaimer.

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